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happy arashi day =D

**throws confetti**

you do know what we're celebrating, right?

so i've got some goodies for my fellow die hard fans..

i'm going to share cms and their making of

since, it's a special day.. i decided to share these cms here in my lj.. i would lock it in 2 weeks. pretty fair, right? let's just hope that NO ONE will BREAK the usual RULES

here we go... in, 3



1. nissan dayz cm (jun)

2. nissan cm (sho)

3. nissan cm (aiba)

4. nissan cm (jun)

5. pocky (nino)
15s and 30s cm

6. nisshin ollio (nino)
ver1 cm, ver2 cm and making of

7. jal sky wi-fi (sho and jun)
cm and making of

8. jal sky next (arashi)
cm and making of

9. jal japan around labo (arashi)
ver1 cm, ver2 cm and making of

10. kirin metz cola (ohno and aiba)

11. kirin beer (nino)

12. hitachi refrigerator (ohno)
cm and making of

13. hitachi rice cooker (aiba)
cm and making of

pw: sol_cm

since it's our beloved boys' 15th anniversary, i'll take this opportunity to ask if there's anyone of you know where can i get the RAW of 5x10 all the best clip. i've been in this fandom for years, and i noticed that some of the commentary weren't subbed. i wanted to share the love, so i'm going to sub them. i'm willing to do this.

don't break the rules!


f-lock in 2 weeks

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happy 5x15 !!!!!
thank you for sharing..
actually, i have it.
the raw one.
and sub one too.
but i forgot where i get the raw one...
and if im not mistaken, only 2 left not subbed..
Jidai and Lucky Man..
but again, idk where i've got the raw...

Happy 5x15:)

Actually, i have the dvd of it.. However, i cant possible find the right software for ripping it..

I think it was ast team who subbed some of the commentary, right? Or some other teams?

Hahha! It's okay:) you did help me (⌒▽⌒)

im sorry, just check the video, and all comments is beng sub already..
some by AST, some by Ao no Michi...
but i think its okay to have own version (?)..

huwah, you have it?
if only i have a little more money, maybe i will have some of released from them #failfangirl

oh.. if all are already sub, then i think i dont need to sub them:) saw the clips in AnM and ast:D

yup, i do have it, however, i really cant rip it.. i think i dont have the right software for it. :| that's a forever fangirl problems :|

btw, thanks for the info ^^.

Thank you so much for sharing~<3
I didn't have the raw either, sorry but good luck for subbing it!


it's okay:) it's been subbed, so i think i wont be subbing it:)

Thanks for sharing.
Happy Arashi Day! ^^

Hey, thanks for sharing! :D
By the way... I found the raw for al the best in d-addicts, I think :/ It was a torrent... took me like a week to download it haha
I have it in my pc, if you're interested ;)


it's okay..:D it's been subbed already, so i think i dont need to sub them.

btw, thanks for the help.. in case i'll sub it, i'll will contact you. that's if it's okay with you:D

Okay ^^ Let me know if you do it then ;)

Thank you so much for sharing! And happy 5x15!!
I have been looking for 5x10 all the best clips too... But have no luck to find it... Sorry T___T
I hope someone can share it to you and I hope you can sub it since some of the links (subbed) already dead too...

welcome:) happy 5x15 too:D

it's okay:) some of the links are already dead. i dont know if all of the commentaries had been subbed.. so i'll look for them first =)


Thank you for sharing! :)

If you're talking about the 5x10 concert, I think team rainbowland on lj has it.


thanks.. but i'm referring to the 5x10 all the best clips, the ones with the pvs and commentaries:)

Thanks :)

thank you for sharing XD
hope you get the raw videos, ganbatte ne

Taking, thank you for sharing with us.


thanks for sharing! if you're looking for a software to rip the DVD's, maybe you could try vidcoder (http://www.videohelp.com/tools/VidCoder?) ? seems pretty straight-forward but i haven't tried using it personally.

welcome:) and thanks for the info:D

Thank you for sharing the love!! >___

Thank you so much for sharing!^^
sorry I didn't have the raw either :'(

Happy Arashi Day too :D
5x10 con? I have the link, but it's not HQ, is it okay?
Uwah this is heaven, thanks for this :D

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but what i mean is the 5x10 all the best clips. the one with the pv and commentaries:)

Thank you!

welcome back & thank you!!

**hugs** yep, i'm back:)))

thanks very much!!!

Thank you so much!
Happy 5x15! ^__^

Thanks ^^

wow! wow! wow! A lot of releases! Thank you so much! <3 *hugs you

Thank you for sharing

Thank you so much for sharing!

Thank you<3

thank you!

Thank you :)

Thank you for sharing! :D

Thanks a lot!!!

Thank u so much and give u hugs >.

Thanks for sharing ^_^

thanks so much for sharing these ^^

thanks for sharing ^^