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since it's the season to love, to forgive and to share, i decided to create a new community, ainorakuen, where i can share and keep my je and non-je fandom files. posts are available to members only. so you have to join the community. i can say that joining is pretty much easy if you are indeed a JE fan, since mostly all communities do let you comment on stuffs before joining. membership is through by invitation only.

I know some people will think that i'm making lives miserable by doing this stuff. But i'm doing this because i have a reason. the reason for me to protect my files. I don't want the rule breaking incident to happen again to me. or at least i'm trying my best to lessen the possibility of that kind of incident.

currently, all the backlogged posts are all done as well as the masterpost.

I'm currently sharing the jcb, kirin mets cola and the new nissan cms there. You can join HERE.

new year is around the corner, so why not have a fresh new start, i wish everybody who would join the community an awesome stay and let's make it a rainbow filled fun community.

wait, i'm not leaving this lj account. i will still be active=)) if you want to be my friend, then go ahead, i dont mind.

SO let's meet again here and and at the same time, let's have fun in ainorakuen

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Haha, I love it!
Just left you the longest (or maybe not THE longest but a looong) comment..
Not at all hard or difficult!

Looking forward to the new CM's ^^,
Merry Christmas Ai!

I will totally follow you there and stay your friend here :D

*hugs you*