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well, i'm just too sick of those people in this ARASHI FANDOM who can't even follow single damn rule. why do i see my dl links of the newly shared cms on twitter? didn't i make myself clear not to share the links outside my lj account? GOSH, THIS REALLY PISSES ME OFF.

I usually share dl links for the cms i got/ripped from the webpage. out of love, i always share it with this fandom, i trust and believe people will follow my rules.

is this how you respect me?!

i don't care if people wonit say thank you for every links that i've been sharing, but at least i'm expecting them to follow my rules. i always give time, usually 3 days to download it before i placed my entry to f-lock.

i know some people will say that i'm being selfish or whatsoever.. i'm just protecting those files. and I WANT THOSE LINKS DOWN!! damn it!

if you want to share the dl links to your friends, just tell them where you get it. and at least tell them in a private way. DONT LINK MY LJ ACCOUNT and DONT LINK THOSE DOWNLOAD LINKS

moving on, here's the RULE BREAKER >> https://twitter.com/Storm4Dream

how did i know that those are my links?! well, lucky i just stumbled upon the tweet. saw the links being shared are in MEGA and says that it will be locked in 3 days. these made me curious and looked to my own download links. they're the same. but, the links are not working. HOW CAN I TELL IT'S MINE? well, good thing i notice that i only have to change a few numbers and letters to number sign for me to make the links work.

this is what i'm talking/explaining about:

https://mega.co.nz/%2523!hB5DBbwY!SZIhmnhacNsCmK02A8qkzBeSIU4DaK5SZbN_jUU6Qps >> this is the link being shared
https://mega.co.nz/#!hB5DBbwY!SZIhmnhacNsCmK02A8qkzBeSIU4DaK5SZbN_jUU6Qps >> this is my link

if you can clearly see, the only difference is this %2523. coincidence? O.o hell no!

so i had the screenshot what they tweeted as an evidence. i really don't tolerate this kind of behavior.

rule breaker

i'm not someone who's big in this fandom and you do this kind of things

so what will happen now? i take down the links, change them to other links and f-lock my post. give me a time to clear my mind.

and dear fandom, please help me talk to the admins to delete their tweets and properly talked to me. i don't want innocent fans to be affected by this situation

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I'm so sorry to hear that, lots of things are happening in Arashi's fandom lately.. it's not only the subbers who has a hard time with people ripping off their works, but also to raw providers..

Stay strong! ^^ i think it will be best if you just share the links in ur comms, now that it is alive again. Just to reduce this number of possibilities..

i know! those people are just being too disrespectful. :|

share them in the community? you mean je_syndrome? that community is on haitus since no one is helping me managing and maintaining it.

i just can't place the files i'm sharing there since it's full of arashi and my other bias groups. it would be totally unfair for other community members. right?

so, i'm thinking that i would just open a new community where i can place and share my own files.

Edited at 2013-12-09 12:06 am (UTC)

Ahh,, If I'm not mistaken, you re-activated the comm right? It's been a while since I go to LJ, sorry for the misunderstanding~

Yes, I do agree with you that it will be unfair to other fandom.. I totally support your thought on opening a new community~ ^^

yup, i've re-activated it. but i can't handle it all alone because je boys are too many too handle.. and i think it's unfair for the other community members to only see links of my bias groups. so it goes on haitus indefinitely as of the moment

opening a new community is one of my options. i will definitely announce it here if the time comes:)

My advice would say, share the files differently(apart from deleting the ones you up). For example don't share the key and give it to those who comment or just lock your posts... temporarily!

The link they shared is yours... the %2523 is the url encoding for # (urls translate that sign in that groups of numbers) so they were definitely your links.

I'm so sorry it happened! I am following that twitter account but will stop now... However I can't contact them b/c my tweets are protected and they won't see it even if I mention them... I will tweet about the situation just in case it helps...

It's alarming how the number of people who don't care about the rules in increasing lately... ;_;

anyway, I would also contact them and tell them that they are breaking your file sharing rules... btw

thanks for the help and advice!

yeah, it's really alarming and it saddens me that this happens a lot to this fandom :|

as of now, i temporarily disabled and deleted the link. i've already sent them a message about this matter, and unfortunately, they aren't replying back. the nerves of those people

It happened !??
I'm so sorry to hear that... really....
and I could understand why you are pissed off.
I hope this case will not happened anymore...

It is make people which follow ruled pissed off to cz it could effect on us right? I think they are have to think about their action this time.

*sigh* i found out that my download links are being shared publicly outside my lj.. and this really pisses me off.

eventually, rule breakers are always present in this fandom, which really saddens me. this case will definitely happen again and again. =(

they should have think about it first. they should have asked me about it before tweeting it. but they didn't. and they dont even bother to talk to me about it.

yea at least they should say sorry. And actually it cannot be helped since we can't guarantee everyone in this fandom is really know about the rule or how to respect each other...
I hope they would learn it. beause of this ^^

someone already talked to me and said sorry on behalf of the team. but the particular someone haven't said anything..

this kind of things happen from time to time. **sigh**

Oh so bad!
so sorry to hear that.. you have enough reasons to be pissed about.. indeed, it is not a coincidence at all!
I'm not really active on twitter lately and I don't follow her/community but I'll try to msg or reply to her tweet about this respectfulness.

For now, try to calm and as what you've said clear your mind.. so you can think properly of measures to take on how to protect your precious files.. any decisions you make, I'm with you.^___^

oh sorry just realised, I stumble on my words there.. I meant *disrespectfulness* .. sleepyME=D

btw, I did replied to her/their tweets and msg. her/their about this, hope her/they will contact you and put things into right perspectives. *fingers crossed* everything will be alright soon.. Ok^____^

it's not a coincidence :|

and thanks for helping!

i'm okay now, i think. the founder of the team messaged me already. but things are still not that settled.

me too, i'm hoping that everything will be okay soon.


i've already tweeted to them.
Hopefully they will remove the tweets.


they did. but i'm still waiting for that particular someone to talk to me and to put things right

*hugs you a lot* That is totally disrespectful!

I mean, I realize that people get way overexcited when they find new and cool stuff, but how hard is it to say, "Ask me for more details, I can't post it here!" Oh, it will take extra work on their part? Too bad, then just don't share it! Sheesh!

*more hugs*

i know.. i'm sharing those files out of love for this fandom and they did this in return? **sigh** what they did really pisses off. and they might do this to other people as well

i can't agree with you more!

:( *hugs* I'm sorry that this happened!! I only follow a couple of my favorite comms on Twitter, so I'd never see this sort of thing, but it bugs me a lot since its not as though you make it impossible for people to get them with your permission from you (since you post to the open comms about the files). Its a pity because their irresponsible behavior is going to affect not only you but all the people who enjoy the cms you post for us.

If you do decide to create a locked community for these, I'd be really happy to join. :) Either way, I hope that they do decide to delete their tweets and offer a proper apology to you, if for not other reason than out of respect for your feelings.

it saddens me that these kind of things happen again and again. :| i always share links out of my love for this fandom, and i didn't expect that i would receive something like this in return.

what they did really affect other people. the posts are intended to last until tomorrow before i place them to f-lock. i give time for people to download it. so now, i have temporarily disabled the download links indefinitely, but i would like to continue sharing those links again in the near future.

creating a new community for my files is one of my options. i would definitely announced it here if i do open one.

they deleted the tweets already and i have already talked to the founder. but i'm still waiting for that particular someone to properly talk to me

I'm feel sad for you too.... I think if I was at same position like you, I will do same thing.. . please be strong for us who want know more about arashi.....

i will! thanks:)

They've taken down the links and issued an apology. Have a fish sausage :3

With a large fandom like Arashi it's to be expected that there will be those who can't/won't respect the efforts of others, however don't lose heart! *hug*

i know they did. thanks for telling me:) thanks!

that's the downside of this fandom.. **sigh** and it will eventually happen again and again.

Hey,i've come across to know what has happened. I'm one of the admins and i'm terribly sorry for what has happened. I was only notified about this,after the other admins started to point it out.
We do & desperately follow rules,up till now,we,ourselves are not sure whether someone hacked the account or a member of our own still doesn't want to own up. It hurts on both side,abit disturbing to see that we broke the rules because of such matter. This is the first time such matter happened.
I can only apologize once again on behalf of our group. m(_ _)m
We'll make sure that such things doesn't happened again in the future from our side.

I'm sorry to hear about that... Unfortunately these kinds of things have always been happening in the fandom, which really is a sad thing.
I hope you'll find a way to protect your links ><
Stay strong, and thank you for all the sharing you've done until now <3