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master post ver1.0 + updates

There's some updates with this post so please take time to read this again:)

[This way please!]

Since my lj isn't just for my random flailings about je boys and other stuffs, I've decided to make this master post ver1.0 public.

I've been pondering about it lately, because I feel like that my entries with links on them are scattered. So i did this for my own sake and it would make other people's life easier to find those posts.

While the masterpost ver1.1 is not open for public. well, it doesn't make any difference. It's just that I would post all the direct links there without redirecting you to my posts. This is just for my reference. It will just make my life easier. Oh and there might be some links that didn't share here in my lj which i shared in je_syndrome

~ duet 07.2010 (tackey pages only)

~ kat-tun star rider

~ howie d. feat shirota if i say
~ Shirota yu feat. howie d. worth fighting for
~ kat-tun fumetsu no scrum
~ one ok rock the beginning
~ nakayama yuma missing piece
~ yamashita tomohisa ke sera sera

~ sho jins airframe alpha
~ sho nissan note
~ ohno+aiba nissan serena 30s
~ ohno+aiba nissan serena 60s
~ nino nissan note
~ ohno+sho+aiba nissan cube
~ aiba uha short ver
~ aiba uha longer ver
~ aiba uha making
~ ohno lawson onigiri short ver
~ ohno lawson onigiri longer ver
~ ohno lawson onigiri interview
~ sho aflac xmas
~ jun nissan note
~ nino jcb xmas 15s
~ nino jcb xmas 30s
~ sho jins pc
~ sho jins blue light protection
~ sho jins pc making
~ sho oronamin c 30sl
~ toma toyota vitz 30s
~ Kat-tun suzuki solio black and white II
~ arashi nissan marine
~ jun nino nissan note
~ nino pocky devil
~ nino pocky devil snow day
~ nino pocky devil snow day making
~ ohba nissan wanko soba 30s
~ ohba nissan wanko soba 60s
~ jun meiji
~ ohno allegra ver1
~ ohno allegra ver2
~ jun elle air +water
~ sho benesse tablet movie answer
~ sho benesse tablet live lesson
~ sho benesse tablet making
~ Kat-tun bandit 15s
~ Kat-tun bandit 30s
~ Kat-tun bandit making
~ arashi JAL ver1
~ arashi JAL ver2
~ A,N,O kirin peace
~ nino jcb 15s
~ nino jcb 30s
~ ohno naive 15s
~ ohno naive 30s
~ nino nisshin oillio
~ sho aflac
~ aiba uha gumi ver1
~ aiba uha gumi ver2
~ aiba uha gumi making
~ ohno nissan innovation that excites
~ sho JINS
~ nino pocky devil with obachan
~ tackey the global balloon
~ nino salonpas ver1
~ sho oranamin c training
~ sho oranamin c jyunbiok
~ ohno lawson onigiri furusato
~ sho nissan leaf
~ nino nissan note no.1
~ ohno nissan no.1
~ ohno lawson osusume
~ ohno lawson osusume making
~ arashi kirin green label smile
~ kame aoki on air
~ kame aoki on air making
~ arashi jal around labo 15s
~ arashi jal around labo 30s
~ arashi jal around labo making
~ sho jins pc 15s
~ sho jins pc 30s
~ sho jins pc making
~ kat-tun solio free time
~ kat-tun solio making
~ jun nissan dayz
matsujun nino hitachi microwave
matsujun nino hitachi microwave making
ohno nino hitachi washing machine
ohno nino hitachi washing machine making
nino salonpas ver 2
nino salonpas ver 3
arashi kirin new
sho oronamin c 15s
sho oronamin c 30s
toma ikuta ariel
toma ikuta irodori
ohno jun nissan cm
ohno aiba hitachi vacuum cleaner
nino jcb daruma doll 15s
nino jcb daruma doll 30s
sho jins kageyama version
sho jins kageyama version making
ohno, jun, nino nissan (sensor)
nino jcb daruma doll 45s
ohno, sho, aiba nissan (sensor)
nino pocky new friend

~ arashi kirin
~ sho aflac xmas
~ Kat-tun suzuki solio black and white II
~ arashi nissan marine
~ A,N,O kirin peace
~ nino jcb
~ aiba uha gumi
~ aiba muhi arufa ex

~ toma ikuta nou otoko
~ toma ikuta nou otoko
~ matsujun hidamari no kanojo
matsujun hidamari no kanojo ver2

~ yamashita tomohisa talk and performance 2012 new year shanghai dragon tv

i wont upload download links here anymore, so if you want the download links I prefer you to join this community, ainorakuen, this community is a community where i share and keep my fandom files. files ranges from raw cms, discographies, a subbed clip and other videos/clips. you might also want to join je_syndrome, this community caters je boys/groups. although the community is now on indefinite haitus


You might want to read this for the links and tags
[down here! ^_^]

I just feel like changing it before christmas.. I've been using the old one for a couple of months already.. hahah! I might dwell on this for a couple of months again..

since I've changed my layout, a friend of mine pm-ed me about the location of the tags and links.. :) these 2 links can be found AT THE BOTTOM OF THE WEBPAGE if you placed your cursor over there. hehhhehh ^__^

credits to milou_veronica for the stylesheet
credits to okimiyage for the mood theme


As i'm sharing some dl links, i would like you to follow my simple rules. These rules won't bite people off. So please follow them with all your heart.
[Continue reading here :P]

* do not re-upload, redistribute, resell and hotlink all the files being shared.
* if you want to share it with your friends, just link them back here.
* do not forget to credit if you are going to use the files. please use "SoL" only.

p.s. I stalked and ripped those websites to provide dl links. Unless i credited someone whom i also asked permission too.

I don't bite, hunt or kill people, so if you want to ask something, don't hesitate to send me a pm :) i'm always usually online, even though sometimes i don't post anything.


I've decided to lock all my entries with dl links to friends only. You can join the community, ainorakuen and je_syndrome if you just want the dl links. Don't worry joining is so much easy. :D
[what?? why??]

Well, it's because i was shocked when i saw the number of people who dl-ed the links. The difference between the number of the people who thanked me and the number of people who dl-ed the links in mf are so huge.. gosh. I'm not over exaggerating, but i won't put my MF account in danger. You know what i mean. And i want to protect my files and keep it moderated. ^^.

plus i'm not sharing links here anymore because of the rule breaking incident. sadly, these things ended up this way


 photo aiba-eat-au-wi-max.gif

how about we have a little chit chat while our miracle boy is having fun with his snack!
[about adding :D]

Hi! You guys can call me ai. That's what my friends call me. I love arashi (a lot). I love almost all JE boys so much! i love jdramas and jmovie. I love non-JE actors (kiriyama renn, miura haruma, hiraoka yuta, hongo kanata, masaki okada, kioke teppei, mizubata junpei, mizushima hiro, matsuda shota and too many to mention XD ) and actress (horikita maki, anne, aragaki yui, kuroki meisa, toda erika, yoshitaka yuriko and many more), singers and nico nico dancers as well. well, please include other international actors and actresses like brad pitt and the list would go on ^__^
I post about random stuffs!
I flail, spazz, and rant.
This lj is about my fandom, thoughts and RL
Post with dl links (JE and NON-JE) will be under f-lock.

I don't mind if you add me as a friend. But, i don't add back people with empty journals unless we already had some chit chat together. There's no sense adding you back if we don't talk, flail or spazz together, right? How about let's talk for a bit and get to know each other:P

 photo sho-sakurai-and-the-parrot.gif

If you still want to be my friend, you've been warned, just add me up and send me a pm or comment on this post. Be my guest! ^__^ I'll add you back.:)

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ohmygosh. never thought your DL links were this much already O.O!

hahahha.. me too XD wait until you see the ver1.1 =)) have you seen the youtube link i've sent to you in twitter???:D

Ah.. Wow!
Lots of links I didn't know you had. And you're absolutely right we have a lot to flail over together.
So, it all looks good to me. And YES! lock the posts. Maybe change the pw after you have as well if it's not too much work.

New theme looks great btw.

I've just started sharing links here recently:D hahaha! thought of sharing them here as I ripped and stalked their websites:)

IKR! ^^. **massive hug** はじめまして~!!! ^_^

I've done locking those entries and I also changed to passwords XD does locking the entries to friends only after 5 days fair to you?? :)

Awww, thanks. I got the layout from milou_veronica.:D

Edited at 2012-12-21 03:25 pm (UTC)

Thank you for all of the CMs and Wallpaper ^__^

uhmm.. those posts are already f-locked though :| would you still want those cms?

Hi! I happened across your LJ while Google image searching for cute Nino pictures. I hope you don't mind if I add you. :)


Nice meeting you.

I really don't mind. (^-^)

Is nino your ichiban??:) hope you don't mind me asking :)

it does seem fair. it is your entries. :)
hi. just added you as a friend. is that okay with you?

i don't know why, but when i came across MY "friends" page nino's CM came up and you came up, and i was lurking in your LJ. :D i was hoping to find more of nino's, since he's my ichiban :)
but i love them all. they color my life. :)) especially matsumiya. :D

and then i read this. well, you have a point. then... i agree.

glad you find it fair :)

hi there!!:) it's totally okay with me. what do you prefer me to call you??

ohh, maybe you joined a community and saw my post of nino's new tv-cms. you will definitely find a lot of nino:P

nino's my ichiban too XD but i do love them all. (^-^) they always brighten up my day :)))

i'll be updating this post again next week.. :P i need to clarify some stuffs:)

who's ur ichiban? XDDD

hi there!!:D

doumo~!! ^^.

ichiban?? the brat! ahahahah <3 you?


----being super random------------

hahaha! being random is okay =P so we do share a lot of common interest ^^.

Let's be friends

Hi, hi, hi~~~

I love your journals, it helps me to keep up with Arashi's CM in Japan~~
I would love to have a new friend to spazzing together about Arashi, since my social community in RL basically love Kpop and they don't like Jpop *cries*

I am totally looking forward to see your next post and can't wait to flail together~~
Yoroshiku nee~~~

Re: Let's be friends

hi there!! **waves**


my RL friends really love k-pop =)) so basically, i'm an add man out XD hahahah:)

can't wait to flail with you too XD yoroshiku ne~!!

My name is Katherin, and my friends call me Dianita :D
I´m from Perú (Yes, is a distant country :D )
Well, I love arashi, too . My ichiban is Ninomiya san <3
I like others actors like: Ikuta Toma ♥ , Mao Inou and Naka Riisa :D (Nino´s twin sister xD)
Is a pleasure to meet you, hope we good friends!! :3

Bye bye <3

**waves** :)

We both share the same ichiban ^^.

Naka riisa!!:)) she really looks like the girl version of nino:)

It's a pleasure to meet you too. Hope we'll be friebds and have more conversation in the near future!! :)

ai-chan~~ I am sure we alr have a little chit chat here and there lol
I would happy if you add me back XD
anyway do you have twitter account?

hi there!!:)

what do you want me to call you?? :D

yup, i'm pretty sure we've already had a little chit chat:D

i'll add you back:D there's no problem with that! looking forward to talk/flail with you more:)

yup, i do have a twitter account.. it's ai_yukage.. =D you can follow me up there. just let me know ^^.

OMG! you're one hell of a hardworking girl ^___^
much appreciated all the hardwork gorgeous!
love to be added as friend by you (but I think we are already.. just making sure though, can't afford not to be friended by you <3)

hi!!! **waves** you're a filipina, right??:)

thanks!! **hugs**

i'm so sure that we're friends ^______^ how are you??:D

I've just read your wonderful rant on those stupid "fan"-girls pretending to be Arashi & treatening other or new fans~

-.- where is all the fluffy rainbowness & sparkleaction gone to? I'll flail <3


hoping for less victims of these stupid fangirls >.<

this place is supposed to be fun, right? I'll flail with you.. :D


Hello there~

My name is misaki from philippines.
Im half-japanese full amnos fan.^-^
My favorite arashi member is Aiba Masaki..
Its because of his warm smile and cute voice :)
You, who is your fav member?
What is your fav song/s?
Tel me about yoursel too.

Hope we become friends!


Re: friends?

Hi there misaki-chan!!:)

You're half filipina and japanese? You're from manila?:)

I love everybody in arashi! So it's kind of hard to choose from time to time. But i love nino the most!!:))) i love him because he's witty and he's such a brat! So hard to explain!!:))))

Songs? You mean arashi songs?? I love most of arashi songs especially nino and ohchan's solos:) how about you??:)

About me?? :))) i've been an arashi fan for years already. I was maou-baited:))) hhahaha

Hope we'll be friends!


hi,i interested to add you as my friend,i hope you feel the same v^^
my ichiban that brat too,hahahaha XD

yoroshiku ne~

hello! **waves**

it's really nice to know that we share the same ichiban :P

btw, love your userpic!

what do you want me to call you?

hi, nice to meet you. i'm desy.
i'm tobikko actually but i think i'm johnny's fans since i have lots of ichiban in every group
it makes me very happy when see all of your links. thank you...

hi desy~!!:)

wow~!! a tobikko in my lj!! yay~!! **hugs**

you're welcome!!

me too XD i love almost everyone in johnnys:) hihihi.. so your ichiban group is hsj, right?=) do you like arashi?? :P


haii ai~

meu desu.89 line. ahh Im from indonesia, where do u come from? i think u dont mention ur country in intro hehee

wawww yes me too is multiple fandom hahahah ah but I dont follow detail bout fandom other than arashi. yes those a bunch of handsome ojiichan has been stuckin my heart since 2006 hahahaha

my forever-ichiban is J but sometimes Im flailing over neen xD

ahh oke.. maybe we can chat more after u add me back.

sankyuuuu. yorochikuuuuu

Re: moshimosss

hi meu! ^^.

i'm currently living in the philippines:) but, i'm a chinese ^^. yeah, i think i didn't mention it in my intro heheh:)

wow! i'm into arashi fandom since the day i watched maou. hehehe

oh! i see! my ichiban is nino. even though i'm maou-baited into arashi fandom =))

sure! we can.

you're welcome

Hiya! *waves*

Always good to have new friends, especially in this fandom. I love having people to flail about Arashi with since such friends are woefully rare in real life...

That being said, I'm an Ohno bias. Used to be a Jun bias, then a Sho bias, but Ohno's got awesome persuasion skills haha.

Let's be pals! *Ohno-grin*

**waves back**

i just saw this comment:| so anyway, HELLO!!

IKR~!!! <3 it's really rare.. in my case, when i count them, it won't exceed my 10 fingers XD

i believe that ohno has an amazing persuasion skills:) i'm maou-baited into this fabulous and awesome fandom :P

sure! i dont mind being pals with you! ^^. let's talk again soon

Huh...weird! I thought I'd already added you as a friend!

I do enjoy the occasion chat, flail etc with friends :-) Especially on such lovely topics! (Like Arashi and Kiriyama Renn (aka Kiryummy!) and several of the other delightful people you mentioned!

My name is Perky! Hi!

hahahah! and now i think we're friends already:)

same here!! KIRYUMMY! OMG! indeed, he is!! ^^. it seems that we have a lot of topics to talk about to! and i'm looking forward to flail with you :P

oh! Hi Perky!:) i'm Ai! nice meeting you!

Hello ^^

My name is Kiki from Indonesia. I added you long time ago and it seem that I forgot to leave an intro messege :D

Happy to be your friends :DDD please add me back!

Edited at 2013-11-09 08:21 pm (UTC)

hello kiki! nice to meet you!

oh! i think we're friends now:D hehhehe!

let's be friends and talk some more XD



ohayou, me ai-san. i've just recently become an Arashi fan. i'm a fan of kat-tun and hey say jump but thanks to a good friend, i discovered Arashi and fell for their charms. I find them cool and effortlessly funny. I like them all but my ichiban is Ninomiya Kazunari. ^_^

I promise to follow the community's rules to: NOT re-upload, redistribute, resell and hotlink all the files being shared. I hope you'd let me join this community. Arigato

Re: ohayou


oh! so that's the reason why you're into this colorful fandom:) we share the same ichiban ^^. isn't it nice? ivbet we have a lot of common things to share with.

but, this lj isn't a community. this lj is my personal account, but i also run a community. so you want to join the community. please go to je-syndrome.livejournal.com. ^^. thanks:)


Arigato for adding me. ^_^ Kazu maybe a DoS but he's an adorable DoS. lol. I have yet to watch GANTZ though, i've just watched Platina Data. There are many pairings with him but I like the Matsumiya pairing. I appreciate all the member ai but i like it better when its subtle, for me that's so natural and more genuine. ^_^

Hai,i' ve clicked the join community at je-syndrome.livejournal.com. Thank you again. ^_^

Hello! I'm Sora from Malaysia.
I love ARASHI very much. My ichiban is Riida ♥
I've been a fan since 2010. I'm Ohno-baited.
Hope we can be friends :D

Hi Ai~ Erru here. A new fan of Arashi, yoroshiku!^^
I don't really interested in other JE boys but I was a fan of KATTUN before Jin left the group T^T and I hope Arashi will stay as five and not breaking up!

(actually I went back to KATTUN after watching Face Down PV. Eargasm and I just cant...their sex appeals are so high T^T)

So....mind to add me back? Thank you!<3

Edited at 2014-10-15 05:18 pm (UTC)